Best Diwali Tea Gift Set in India 2023

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To bring Warmth and Togetherness during the festival, it can be a Delightful and thoughtful present for friends and family who appreciate a Warm and Comforting Beverage. you can create a special gift set by Choosing a Variety of high-quality teas, Consider Buying a Mix of Traditional and Exotic Flavors. Some Classic Choice for Diwali Gifting is Black and Green Tea with different Flavour profiles like Cardamom, Cinnamon, Jasmine, and Cloves. Here are Some of the Best Diwali Tea Gift sets you Should Consider Gifting to your Dear Ones.

1. ISVARA Tea Gifts Goddess Lakshmi Diwali Gift Set

ISVARA diwali tea gift set

This Tea Gift Set by ISVARA is an Ode to Goddess Laxmi, a Symbol of Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune, and Abundance. This Tea set is designed to Celebrate Love, happiness, and Prosperity. The Traditional yet Contemporary Design of the Set is Curated to make a Gift that has a long-lasting impression on the Ones receiving it. The Speciality of this Tea Set is the High-Quality Elements, Aesthetically Pleasing Design, and Ingredients the Gift set Includes:

  • The Herb Basket tea: A well-balanced caffeine-free tea known for its pinkish hues, floral base & hints of spices. A delicious brew of organic hibiscus, lavender buds, rose, cardamom, cloves & orange peel. A tisane where the floral base perfectly blends in with aromatic spices and results in an explosion of flavor that is unique, tart-like yet sweet
  • Kāṃsya brass tea strainer: An eye-pleasing tea strainer handmade by Indian artisans using pure bronze, this shining golden strainer adds extra charm to our gift set
  • Iśvara forest honey: Add some healthy sweetness to your gifts with our forest honey harvested from the lap of nature in the Himalayas
  • Floral petite candles : 3 pieces of hand-poured petite candles that make this gift set sparkle. Created in the shape of a traditional diya these candles help enhance mood & spread positive vibes
  • Sheesham wood teaspoon: Complete your tea table setting with a handmade teaspoon of the finest quality Sheesham wood
  • Keepsake gift box: All of the above comes beautifully packed in a keepsake gift set adorned by Goddess Lakshmi & soft golden touches. A delight to everyone who sees it, this gift set is one of a kind & simply the ultimate gift for the festive season

2. VAHDAM, Bloom Assorted Diwali Tea Gift Set

Vadham diwali gift set

For an Extraordinary Tea experience, this Premium Assorted Tea Gift Set by Vadham is Designed to Showcase a captivating array of the finest Loose Leaf Teas. These Beautifully assembled gift Boxes Contain 12 Finest and Unique Tea Blends with impeccable taste. This Diwali treat your Loved Ones with this Gift Set featuring an assortment that includes:

  • Black Tea: Bold and Full-Bodied Tea, For a Classic English Breakfast, a Traditional Blend for a Hearty Breakfast.
  • Green Tea: Zesty and Revitaling Green Tea with Lively Notes of Lemon and Ginger.
  • Oolong Tea: Smooth and Nuanced, Lingering With Floral Aroma, A High Mountain Oolong Tea.
  • Ginger Masala Chai: Warm and invigorating, Ginger-Spiced Masala Chai for a Soothing Cup.
  • Himalayan Green Tea: A crispy and refreshing Himalayan Foothill in every sip.
  • Double Spiced Masala Chai: A rich and Robust, Double Dose of Spiced Masala Chai, For intensified Chai Indulgence.
  • Cardamom Masala Chai: A Blend of Cardamom and Spices for a Bold and Aromatic Experience.
  • Fennel-Spice Masala Chai: Flavorful, Fennel-Infused Masala Chai with a Hint of Spiece.
  • Roasted Darjeeling Summer Black Tea: A Subtly Smooky, and Floral Roasted Darjeeling Black Tea Evoking Summer Warm.
  • Assam Exotic Black Tea: A Rich And Malty, Exotic Assam Tea With Bold Characters.
  • Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea: A Soothing Herbal infusion of Turmeric and Ginger, Earthy and Comforting.
  • Turmeric Tulsi Herbal Tea: A Herbal and Aromatic Fusion of Turmeric and Holy Basil For a Balanced Cup of Tea.

3. CHAYAM Diwali Tea Gift Set

Chayam book of Tea diwali gift set

The Chayam Sip and Savour tea set is ideal for Corporate Gifting Purposes. It is a premium Tea gift Set Designed Specially to Impress Tea Enthusiasts. It is a Thoughtfully curated Tea Collection that Features 10 Pyramid Tea Bags, a Golden Tin Caddie of Freshly Blended Loose Tea, a Stylish Brass Infuser, and Exquisite 18-carat Gold-Embossed Kulhads that are ideal for impressing clients and colleagues. Moreover, you can select the Gift Set with Lavender Vanilla, Pure Chamomile, Pure Hibiscus, and Moroccan Mint flavors to enjoy it your way.

With the SIP AND SAVOUR Tea set anyone can Effortlessly Brew easy Hot tea, you need to heat water to 80-90°C, steep tea leaves in the included infuser for 2-5 mins, and add condiments to taste. Plus, use the infuser to create a refreshing cold brew for a unique twist.

It is an Elegant Tea Gift Box, designed to elevate your tea-drinking rituals It guarantees a memorable and delightful tea experience whether you are hosting guests or enjoying a quiet moment alone.

4. The Vedas Book Of Tea Gift Set

The Vedas book of tea

The Book of Tea by The Vedas is a Luxurious Tea Gift Set Perfect for various types of gifting Such as Diwali Gifting, Corporate Gifting, Wedding Gifts, and Casual Gifting Purposes. This Indian Gift Box has 13 types of Tea blends in pyramid-shaped teabags.

Relish these amazing whole-leaf tea blends packed in pyramid tea bags for fresh and flavorful infusion. This Tea bag set contains various Flavours Such as Amala Ginger tea, Ashwagandha Vanilla Green tea, Guava Green Tea, Cocoa Green tea, Plumeria rose tea, Cacao Ashwagandha tea, Mint Lemongrass green tea, Kahwa Detox Green tea, Tulsi Moringa Green tea, Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Indian Masala Chai, Navgrah Tea.

5. The Tea Heaven Diwali Tea Gift Set

The tea Heaven diwali gift set

This Luxurious and Healthy Tea Gift Set by The Tea Heaven is Ideal For Diwali and wedding Gifting. It is an Assorted Collection of 6 unique Teas ranging from Green Tea to non-caffeine. The Set Contains Kashmiri Kahwa, Masala Chai, Lavender Tea, Rose Black Tea, Darjeeling Tea, and Moroccan Mint Green Tea.

This Diwali Celebrate your Health and Gift your Loved Ones this Assorted Tea Collection of Immunity Boosting Teas. These Teas are 100% Natural it has No Oils, No flavors, No preservatives, No added flavors, No Artificial essences, Just promise of Pure and natural teas. All teas are made with Organic herbs only.

A Diwali tea gift set not only offers the warmth and flavor of different teas but also provides a moment of tranquility and connection during the festive season. It’s a thoughtful way to wish your loved ones a Happy Diwali and share the joy of the festival.

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