Unique Indian Home Decor Brands you Must know about

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India is a Country that is rich in Culture and Art which has been inspired and influenced by many artists. its Art is one of the oldest and tells the Tales of History and Culture, one Should Definitely Explore Beautiful Designs and make them a part of our Lives by Decorating our homes with them which will Give us Creative and Nostalgic Vibes. Gratefully, These Indian Home Decor Brands have Made it Easy to Access the Diverse Art. Take a Look!

1. Pure Home and Living

Established in 2011, Pure Home and Living is a leading Home Decor and Lifestyle Brand that offers its customers Exceptionally crafted Products by the Best Artisans Around the Globe. From Elegant Serveware to Modern Furniture this Brand Offers Aesthetically Pleasing Artefacts. This Versatile Brand is also a one-stop shop for Home textiles and Bathing Accessories too. Check out their Products Here

2. Chumbak

In 2010, Subhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar Launched their Brand Chumbak Which initially Offered its Customer Vibrant and Fun Collectibles and Souvenirs that Reflect Indian Art. After the Huge Sucess the Brand Expanded and Created Globally inspired Home Decor, Fashion, Accessories, and Personal Care products in a Unique Style. Their Product is a Blend of Vibrant Colors, and Modern aesthetics which will Brighten up your Wardrobe, Home, and Deskspace. Check out their Striking Collection Here.

3. Nestasia

Nestasia is a Coalesce of Unique Culture of Different Countries Like Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, etc. The brand believes that the Way a Person Decorates their House Reflects the culture of the Region. From Bowls Spun Out of Bamboo to Carved clay Pots the Warmth and Vibrancy of this Commodity was Much Needed to be Discovered. the Brand Put an Effort into Bringing Together Skilful Artists and Creating a Fine Collection of Products that are a Blend of Traditional Techniques and Modern Sensibilities. Their Natural Materials Are Not Only Good for the Home But for the Soul too and that’s How Nestasia was born. Here are the Products you Must Checkout.

4. Modern quests

Modern quests is a Delhi Based, Lifestyle Brand Founded by Sheena Garg and Anshul Khanna, that was Carefully curated with the Intent to introduce its Customer to a Platform where they can Discover Innovative Brands Based in Different Parts of the World. The Brand has Sourced a Wide range of Homeware and Lifestyle Accessories after Attending Multiple Design exhibitions, Video Calls, and Sourcing Conferences that Led them to Some of the Greatest Artists and Hardworking Partners. The Brand Aims to Eliminate the Need for Indian consumers to Search Various market places to Purchase International Items and deal with Long Delivery Times. Check out their Exotic Collection Here

5. Art Avenue India

Art Avenue is a Portal of Discovery for Creative Minded people Who want a Unique Identity and Stand apart from the Masses. The Brand is conceptualized with the idea of providing its Customer with Artistically Handmade Products. They are Curator of Designs and tastes in the Lifestyle market which are Extraordinary and eye-catching. From Awe-inspiring Clothing to Lighting and Furniture Art Avenue is a Versatile Store that will Provide its Consumers with Boho Chic, Modern, and Elegant Products.

6. Good Earth

Good Earth is one of India’s leading handcrafted Luxury Decor brands, which Anita Lal established in 1996. The Designs of the Brand Reflect the Rich Culture of India which used to Lay Along the silk route. Their Designs are an amalgamation of History, Craft, and Culture. from Precious Jewellery to Classic tableware and Handpainted Boxes the Brand Designs a Variety of Fine Accessories. They Have Stores in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai which Reflect the Regional Cultures, local architecture, and Lifestyle. Shop Their Exceptional Designs from their Website.

7. The Label Life

The Label Life is an Elevated Lifestyle Brand That offers its Consumers Stylish Pieces at Reasonable Prices. The brand works with Like-Minded Style Expert to Create Versatile Products and therefore to guide Further Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu has Joined the Team to Elevate the Brand even more. From Minimalistic Clothing to Elegant Home Decor you Name it and the label life has it. Head to their Website to check out the Stunning Products.

8. Mora Tara

Mora Tara was Founded By Anu Kumar In 2005, Mora Tara Means “My Star” in Hindi and is Named After the Founder’s Grandmother Tara. The Founder has a Thoughtful Concept behind the brand, she believes that beauty is the default Mode of life. The Brand Strongly Believes that the More Thoughtfully We Decorate our Homes The More Love Our Homes Will Create For us. They have Organisers, Lamp, planters, Serving-ware, and What Not Check out its Wide Range of Products Here.

9. Nicobar

Nicobar is a Mindful Design Studio Co-Founded by Raul Rai and Simran Lal. The brand runs by the motto of Bringing the creative side of the Indian culture. They Believe in Creating Effortless style in Clothing that can be worn for years and Homeware that Stays long with us. To elevate our daily lives they have created extraordinary Home Decor, Accessories, and Much more To experience the Incredible Indian Culture. Head to their Website to explore more.

10. Baaya Designs

In 2009 Shibani Jain Founded Baaya Designs, A Brand Rich In Indian Heritage and Craft has Created Products for an Artful experience by Fusing Traditional Crafts, Contemporary Aesthetics, and Modern Functionality. The Brand aims to Preserve the Indian Craft by Making it a part of the Contemporary Lifestyle. Moreover, Baaya designs Sell the Traditional Artwork of Skilled Artists Across the Country. From coasters to Lanterns, it has Everything to fill your space with Vibrant energy. checkout their Products Here.

11. Terra Vida

Terra Vida is a Boutique Store that Reflects the Rich Goan Heritage through its Unique Aesthetics. They create meaningful Pieces through a contemporary interpretation of Portuguese Elements. Derived from Spanish the Word “Terra” means Earth and “Vida” means Iife which genuinely reflects the Essence of the Brand, Ceramics, and Pottery. The Brand has a Collection of Tropical, Festive, Indo-Portuguese Designs that are Rustic Yet Modern. Check Out Their Collection Here.

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