10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

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Black Coffee is one of the Most Popular Beverages Around the world. Black Coffee has Numerous Health Benefits if you Consume it in the right way and the Right Amount. it is a Blend of Powerful Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals. Let’s Take a Look at all the Health Benefits it Provides us. Here are 10 ways Black Coffee Contributes to improving your Health.

1. Black Coffee Boosts Memory

Black Coffee Contains a Stimulant Named Caffeine that encourages the brain to Surge the Dopamine Level that Helps in Improving Cognitive Functions Like Concentration, Focus, etc that is why it is said to Consume a Cup of Black Coffee Before Hitting the Gym, Studying and Work. As we Age, Our Cognitive Skills Tend to Decrease, and the Risk of Diseases Such as Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease increases, Consumption of Black Coffee Not only Keeps the Nerves Active inside the Brain But Also Reduces the Risk of Parkinson’s By 60% and Alzheimer’s By 65%. Further, The Caffeine Present in Black Coffee Improves General Mental Function, Alertness, Learning Etc.

2. Helps in Weight Loss

Black Coffee is a Famous Fat Burning Drink all around the world. It Contains Chlorogenic acid that Slows down the Process of Glycogen Production as a result Body Produces Less Fat Cells. Furthermore, it Helps in Stimulating Nervous Systems and Encourages the Body to Dissolve Fat. With Caffeine’s Assistance Body Breaks down Fat Faster and Uses it as Energy. Black Coffee is a Low-Calorie Drink and is Rich in Antioxidants that Means Consuming Coffee on Daily Basis Won’t Help in Weight gain and Help in the Weight Loss Process. It Also Helps you in portion Control During Meals as it Suppresses the Urge to Overeating. Its Consumption also eliminates Excess water in the Body due to Frequent Urination Resulting in Temporary weight Loss. Therefore, Black Coffee is a Great Catalyst For Weight Loss.

3. Reduces Stress & Depression

Black Coffee Has the Ability to instantly Elevate your Mood and Make you Feel Better Under Depressring Situations as Its Consumption Targets the Central Nervous System and Encourages the Body to Increase the Production of Noradrenaline, Dopamine, and Serotonin. These Hormones are chemicals Helps in reacting Faster, are Responsible for Motivation, and Increases Happiness. Thus, Black coffee is Effective in Improving your Mood and Fighting Against Depression.

4. Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a Disease that Occurs when the Level of Glucose in the Blood Increases. Diabetes affects the Process of Circulating Glucose in the body. It is Proven that Drinking Black coffee Daily Reduces the Risk of Diabetes as its Consumption Produces More Insulin in Body Which is Essential for Controlling Blood Sugar. Studies show that the Intake of Black Coffee Can Reduce the Risk of type 2 Diabetes. However, People who Already Have Type 2 Diabetes Consuming Coffee May Have an Unfavourable Effect.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Drinking a Cup of Black Coffee on a Regular Basis Can Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Like Strokes. it Also Helps in Reducing Inflammation. However, Daily Consumption of Black Coffee may Increase Blood Pressure but it Diminishes Over Time.

6. Beneficial For Liver

Studies Have Shown that Drinking 2 to 4 Cups of Black Coffee Lowers Down the Harmful Liver Enzymes in Blood and Reduces 80% Chances of Developing Any Liver Disease. The liver is one of the Vital Organs of the body as it Performs Several Functions to maintain Body Health. Consumption of Black Coffee Prevents Liver Cancer, Fatty Liver Disease, Hepatitis, and Alcoholic Cirrhosis.

7. House of Antioxidants

Black Coffee Has a lot of Health Benefits and it is Rich in Powerful Antioxidants like Magnesium, Potassium, vitamin B2, B3, B5, and Magnese are Present inside Black Coffee. Plus, Black Coffee With Out Sugar Helps in Keeping your Body and Mind Young.

8. Cleanses your Stomach

Coffee Falls in the Category of Diuretic Beverage which means it Promotes Diuresis as it Increases the Production of Urine. Consuming a Cup of Coffee without Sugar Helps in Cleansing of Stomach By Flushing Out Harmful Bacteria and Toxins in the Form of Urine.

9. Improves Performance During Workout

Black Coffee is Extremely Beneficial for People Who Consume it Before Physical Activities Such as Workout During Gym. Black Coffee Increases the Level of Epinephrine, a Type of Adrenaline in the Blood which Prepares the Body for intense Physical Strain. It Also Breaks Down Fat Stored Inside the Body and Releases those Fat cells in the Blood Stream in Form of Free Fatty Acid and is used as a Source of Energy. Hence, it is Recommended to Drink Black Coffee 45 mins Before Going to Gym.

10. Protects From Gout

Gout is Actually a Type of Inflammatory Arthritis that affects the Joints of the Body, Gout is a Condition Caused By Hyperurecremia in Which the Body Produces excess Uric acid in Body and Consuming Cups of Black Coffee Reduces the Risk of Gout by Increasing the rate which excretes Uric acid. Thus, Coffee Intake Can Provide Protection Against Uric Acid Build-up.

Side Effects of Black Coffee:

Every Substance has a Good and Bad Side. Too Much of Anything can Never be Beneficial For Anyone. It is Necessary to Take care of the Quantity of Consumption. Let us Also Discuss the Side effects of Consuming Too Much Black Coffee:

  • Black Coffee Contains Caffeine and Excess Consumption of Black Coffee Fills Body with More Caffeine Resulting in Increased Level of Stress Hormone Leading to Stress and Anxiety
  • Avoid Coffee Before Bedtime if you Don’t Want your Sleep Cycle to be Disturbed.
  • Coffee Contains Caffeine and Acids that can increase the Level of Acidity in the Stomach and can Lead to Cramps and Abdominal Pain if Consumed too much.
  • Excessive Coffee Consumption can also result in Disturbing the rate at which Body Absorbs the Minerals like Zinc, iron, etc from the diet.

For Taking a Step Towards Healthy Life and Taking Advantage of All the Benefits Black Coffee Have, Here are 5 Best Brands you Should Try:

1. Nescafé Classic Coffee

Nescafe Coffee Powder is Specially Made with Handpicked Robusta Beans. These Beans has a Signature Aroma Achieved by Slow Roasting of Beans Providing its Consumer 100% Pure and Premium Coffee instantly at Home.

  • Rich & Aromatic Coffee
  • Flavor-full
  • Medium-Dark Roasted Beans
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2. Starbucks Pike Place Roast

Starbucks Pike Palace is a 100% Arabica Ground Coffee From Latin America. it is a Plump Coffee Bean Powder with Subtle Notes of Cocoa, Soft Spice, and Toasted Nuts. Pike Palace is a Medium Roasted Coffee that has a Balanced Combination of Bitterness and Acidity.

  • Fine & Rich Flavor
  • Nutty Aroma
  • Intense and Caffeinated
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3. Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Instant Coffee 

Brand Lavazza Prontissimo, The Real Italian Coffee Brand is the First Premium Italian Style Instant Coffee. Its Flavor Intenso Contains 10% of Micro-grounded Roasted Coffee For Maintaining the Authentic Italian Taste. The Vital Coffee Oils Locked Inside the Micro-Granules Provide Full-Bodied and Rich Cup of Premium Coffee.

  • Authentic Italian Coffee
  • Distinct Aroma of Toasted Coffee
  • Intense Taste
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4. Caribou Medium Roasted Coffee

Caribou Coffee is a Premium Coffee Brand Certified By Rainforest Alliance for the Sustainable Coffee. it is a combination of Sweet, Spicy, and Berry Notes, Harmoniously balanced for a Down-to-Earth Coffee. Caribou Coffee Aims for Providing finest Quality Coffee by, Roasting only the World’s Top One Percent of Beans in Small Batches.

  • Smooth & Well Balanced
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Committed to a socially responsible supply chain and a healthier planet
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5. Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Folgers is a 100% Pure Coffee Brand Roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana, Famous For its Fresh Aroma and Rich Flavour. The Beans Used are Doubled-Dried for Achieving Deeper and Optimal Flavor. The Coffee Delivers Eye-opening Aroma and Delicious Taste therefore Known as the Best Part of Walkin Up!

  • Smooth Flavor
  • Quintessential Medium Roast Coffee
  • Fresh Aroma
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