Free Email Templates For Marketing in 2021- 5 Best Sources

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TOPIC: Free Email Templates For Marketing in 2021

Email Marketing is Essential for Maintaining Regular Communication with your Customers and to set a Positive Reminder about your Business in the Customers Mind Even when they Have Subscribed and Forget the Firm.

However, sometimes you don’t Get Desired attention From your Customer even if you Have Sent a well-written Email.

Do you Know Why? Let me tell you! in most cases, Poor Email Designing and Formatting are Responsible for the Lack of Interest. People just Unread and Ignore an Unattractive Email Campaign. This is Where a Well Designed Attractive Email Template can do the Work.

All of These Sources Provides Templates Designed By Profesional Designers who knows what works best. There are Countless Websites that Provides Templates you just have to Pick up what Suits your Work Type. Here I Have listed the 5 Best Sources for getting Free email templates for Marketing Where you Can Create Your Own or Use Templates Designed by Experts.


Image Credit: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an Excellent Source of Email Marketing Tool it Has a Wide Range of Pre-Designed Templates that are Customisable According to your Need and It Also allows you to Create a Unique Design from Blank Template.

Its Beautiful Layout and Designs will Definitly Catch the eyes of the reader and give you your Desired Results.

And the Best Part of these Templates is Mobile Responsive Which Means they will Run Smoothly on Every Device. All you need is to Pick a Layout, Design it. It will auto Adjust itself According to the screen size of the mobile.

2. BEE Free

Image Credit: BEE Free

BEE Free is One of the most Versatile Image Marketing Tool as it Provides the Best Templates for Personal and Bussiness Emails. Moreover, it Connects you to Template’s Designer and Provides Data on all the Work they have done in their Career which Helps you to Understand their work and Helps you in Choosing according to your Preference and Taste.

Bee Free Has 590+ Free Professional Email Templates that gives you limitless options to Choose to Create or Modify the Templates.

Additionally, All the templates designed are responsive which works Well in all types of Devices and Effectively Draws the attention of the Reader.

3. Campaign Monitor

free email template from campign monitor
Image Credit: Campagin Monitor

Campaign Monitor is also one of the great Sources for Email Marketing Tool. It is Convenient and Effective in Creating Unique Mobile Responsible Templates for Business Purpose. it is Convenient Because its Cateogies is Further Divided into sub Categories w which Helps you in achieving the desired Template as per the occasion.

Interestingly the Predesigned Templates Can be Modified and Change as you need and you can also create a New from Blank Template.

So if you are looking for Something Specific for a Particular Occasion then it is top-notch and Best.

4. Stripo

free email template from stripo
Image Credit: Stripo

if you are still Looking for an ideal tool for Email Marketing then this should be your Pick Stripo. It Has More than 400 Interactive and Mobile Responsive Templates.

It allows you to Edit and Design the Templates according to Prefered Industrial use. it Has a Wide Variety of Pre-designed Templates for every type of Professional and Business Use.

if you dig deeper you will Surely Find what you are Looking For as it has multiple options for each type that Ends the Struggle

5. Canva

free email marketing template from canva
Image Credit: Canva

Canva is a Popular and Amazing Email Marketing Tool that can help you easily create a Beautiful Campaign. It has 20 Pre-designed emails Templated which Include Paid and Free Templates.

And you Might be Thinking that it Has fewer options but the interesting part is that you can Customize all the Pre-Designed Template According to your Need and Moreover Create your Own Template from Blank Email Newsletter Option. you Can Change or Add the Image, Text, Color of Text, Elements, and Backgrounds.

Overall you Can Create Thousands of New Designs by Re-editing the Pre-designed Template or Creating a New from Blank.

There are so Many Websites and Sources to choose from, But all of the Sources Listed Here Have limitless, Versatile, and Appealing Designs, that Allows you to Create Desirable Templates as per your Business, Organisation, and Firm.

So, What are you Waiting For Access all the Souces and Start Creating your Professional and engaging Templates Now !!

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