How Running Improves your Health- 5 Benefits of Running

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Running is the Simplest and Versatile Form of Excercise, It Not Only Improves Your Physical Appearance but is Beneficial for your Mental and Spiritual Growth Too. Running is the Easiest and affordable Form of Excercise that can be Performed Anywhere and Anytime without any Equipment. Here We will Discuss What are the Health Benefits Running Provides you.

1. Helps you Lose Weight

if you are Looking for an Easy Way to Lose Weight than you Should Give Running a Try. The Science of Losing Weight is Simple you Have to Burn More Calories than you Consume. Here are Different Intensity Levels of Running you Should Try According to your Capability.

  1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – it Burns More Calories in a short Period of Time. HIIT Burns 20 to 30% more Calories than other Traditional Excercises. 30 Mins of HIIT Workout with Short and Low Intensity Recovery Period will Help you Burn Calories Easily and Faster. HIIT Also Helps In Improving your Metabolic Rate Studies Have Found that After HIIT workout your Metabolic Rates is Higher for Hours. One Study Has Found that, It Also Helps you Consume More Oxygen if you Perfom HIIT on a Steady Rate. it has also reduced Blood Pressure in Obese People in the Long Run. Moreover, HIIT Supresses Food Consumption that Prevents you From Overeating.
  2. Moderate to High Intensity: It is Effective in Burning Lower Belly Fat that is the Main Cause of Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes. Many Studies Have Found that Moderate Running and Aerobics Helped in Reducing Belly Fat.
  3. Jogging– Extremely Obese People Should Start From Jogging. it will be a Great way of Developing Pace. Jogging Helps in Treating the Jacked-up Joints and Prepares Bones for Any Stress. Jogging Increases the Oxygen Intake that makes your Skin Look Younger and Naturally Flushed.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Running and Jogging is effective way of Preventing Heart Related Disease. Running Instantly Surges the Body with Oxygen and it is Pumped to the Different Parts of the Body. Studies show that Running Lowers the Risk of Cardiac Arrest. Moreover, Regular Running Helps in Maintaining the Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels. you can See Significant Changes in your Body if you Start Running for 10 to 15 mins Daily.

3. It is a form of Meditation

Running is a Stress-Buster, and a Spiritual Act Too, it Gives you the Time to Think About your Self and your Goals. When you Spend some time Alone you get a Chance to Meet yourself. For Better Inner and Outer Organisation of the World, it is Important to First Organise your Mindset for Being More Productive. The Time you Spent While Running and Jogging is the time of Self Relaxation.

4. Improves Memory

In 2009, A Study Conducted By Neuroscientists of Cambridge University Concluded that Running Improves Cognitive Functions and Stimulates the Brain to Grow New Brain Cells, Specially in the Areas of the Brain which are Responsible for Creativity and Collection of Memory. Furthermore, it will Enhance your Ability to Recall a Memory, Learning New Skills, Being More Organised, and Also Improve the Quality of Sleep.

5. Lowers the Risk of Cancer

In 2016, The Journal of American Medical Association Published a Research-Based on Running Leads to Cancer Prevention. In this Studies they Examined Records of US and European Studies, Which Include About 1 Million Adults. These Records Show that Running Excercise Can Prevent From 13 Different Types of Cancer that Includes Lung, Throat, Gastric, Kidney, Head and Neck, Leukemia, Endometrial, Rectal Bladder, Liver, Myeloma, and Breast Cancer.

#Things to Keep in Mind While Running:

Before Starting Any Kind of Physical activity you Should Always Prepare your Body Which will Prevent Sprained Ankle and Pulled Muscles. Here are Things you Should Do Before you Run or Jog.

1. Post and Pre Warm up and Cool Down

Primarily Warm-up Helps your Muscles to Boost your Performance and Reduces the Risk of Any Injury. Pre Warm-up Includes Stretching and Light Jogging which will Give the Body a Healthy Start-up.

2. Variation in Workout

Adding Variation on Workout Makes your Body Comfortable in adapting Change and Building Stamina. Combining Speed with Hills or inclined Positions will Strengthen The Muscles.

3. Gradually Increase the Pace

Initially, Focus on Getting used to Running or Jogging Regularly at a Low Speed. It Helps your Jacked Muscles to Loosen up and Adjust to the Change.

4. Breath Properly

We Often Feel Tempted or Panting While we Run or Jog, it is important to Take a Deep Breath in Order to Receive More Oxygen in the Body. Try to Take a Deep Breath into Stomach, not a Shallow Breath till Chest.

5. Maintaining Diet

you can’t eat wrong and expect your body to be Fit, Diet is Directly Proportional to Exercising, Jogging or Running. Consuming a Healthy Meal is Essential to Prepare your Body Before Exercising. your Diet Should Contain High Protein Meal, Fruits, Vegetables, and Healthy fats. wait for atleast 30 Mins Before Proceeding towards any Workout or Jogging.

#Things to Take With you While Running:

1. Pick a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Start with a Fresh Pair of Shoes, Avoid using Sleepers, Boots, or Already Worn Out Shoes to Protect your Feet From Ankle Sprain, Twisted Muscle, and Any Other Injury. Visit the Store and Buy yourself the Most Comfortable pair of shoes, if Possible Jog or Jump. Test if your Feet are Feeling Balanced in it or Not. Change your Shoes After Every 500 to 800 km. On your First day of Starting the Jogging or Running Keep a Track of your Steps How Much, Distance you have Covered.

2. Choose Comfortable Clothes

Likewise Shoes, you Should Choose Comfortable, Light, and Easy Move Clothes. Pick Clothes According to the Weather if it is Winter Try Wool, Full Sleeves Cloths. if it is Summer Use Shorts and T-shirts. Moreover, you Need to Protect yourself from Sun so Wear Sunscreen with at least SPF30 and Sunglasses with UV Protection to Protect your Eyes from Blurred Vision and Partial Blindness due to Sun Stroke.

3. Carry a Lightweight Pouch

While Running Don’t Carry too Much Stuff a Small Belt Pouch will be Good to Go. it will Help you Hold your Phone, ID Card, Keys, etc., and if you are Concerned About your Safety Put in a whistle and Pepper Spray too.

4. A Small Bottle

According to the Length you are Going to Cover, Carry a Bottle that can Prevent From dehydration on your way. it is Important Because Not in all routes you Will Get a Chance to Refill your bottle.

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