10 Must-Have Ethnic Earrings For Women

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Earring is one of the most Important Accessory for Women. A Right Pair of earring Highlights an Outfit, Beauty, and Features of a Woman. There are thousands of Designs for Every Occasion and Mood, So I have Listed Some of The Best and Beautiful Heavy ethnic Earring To Add a Traditional Touch to Your Outfit.

1. Pink Traditional Party Wear Earrings

Pink Traditional Party Wear Ethnic Earrings

This Beautiful, Elegant, and Designer earrings can Be Worn in All Traditional Outfit which is Handcrafted with Brass Alloy with Pearlstone of Fine Quality. This can be Worn with Lehenga, Suits, Sarees, Indo Westerns

  • Length: 8.5 cm
  • Weight: 40 gm
  • Collection: Bridal
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia
  • Metal: Brass, Gold-plated, Pearl
  • Available in 1 More Color: Green

2. Green Traditional Earrings

This Classic Pair of earrings has a Beautiful Floral Design Engraved on it Featuring a Lotus along with Pearls and Stones of Fine Quality. This Can Be Worn in All Traditional Outfits Lehenga, Suits, Sarees and Indo-western.

  • Brand: SANJOG
  • Collection: Contemporary
  • Weight: 100 gm
  • Metal: Brass
  • Stones
  • Pearls
  • Available in 5 Colors: Red, Orange, Pink, Blue

3. Pink Ethnic Long Earring

This Unique Long & Heavy Earring Has a beautiful Almond-shaped Design with Pearls and Stone of Fine Quality this Pair Can Give your Lehengas, Suits, and Sarees an Instant Highlight.

  • Brand: Shining Diva
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia
  • Metal: Brass
  • Material: Gold Plated

4. Cream Green Ethnic Earrings

This Adorable Ethnic earring is Engraved with beautiful Pearls and Stones Featuring Leave Shape Design and gives your Dresses A Stunning Traditional Touch.

  • Brand: PEORA
  • Length: 7.5 cm
  • Width: 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 41.75 gm
  • Metal: Brass
  • Material: Gold-Plated

5. Golden Wedding Earrings

 Golden Wedding Ethnic Earrings

This Beautiful Pair of designer earrings is a Creation of Indian Art Work by Combining Adorable Beads, Stones, and Pearls with Loops which Gives it an Eye-Catching Traditional Touch.

  • Brand: JEWELLITY
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Metal: Copper Alloy
  • Material: Gold-Plated

6. Gauhar Earrings

gauhar Ethnic Earrings

This Bollywood Diva’s style Tassel Earrings can be Worn in All kinds of Traditional Outfit Handcrafted in Brass Alloy with Pearl Stones of Very Fine Quality The Best Quality of This Earring is this that it can be Worn in Traditional as well as Western Outfits.

  • Collection: The Royal Bride
  • Length: 7 cm
  • Breadth: 6 cm
  • Metal: Brass
  • Stone: American Diamond

7. Golden Traditional Earrings

 Golden Traditional Earrings

This Unique and Stylish Earring Has Three Bell-shaped Designs Attached with pearls with a Beautiful Golden Rhombus Designs which is a Fine work of Indian Art and can be Worn with All Kinds of Traditional Dresses. This is Particularly Designed for Traditional attire but If you Like Experimental Fashion you Can Even Match it With Western Outfits as well. After all, Creativity Creates Something Unique.

  • Length: 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 40 gm
  • Collection: The Royal Bride
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Gold plated
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia

8. Blue Ethnic Drop Earrings

Blue Ethnic Drop Earrings

This Ethnic beauty is a Reflection of Indian Elegance its Combination of Beads, pearl, and Stones in a Loop gives it an Eye-Catching Styling & Traditional Look and can be worn in Western as well as Traditional Dresses.

  • Brand: PEORA
  • Height: 7 cm
  • Width: 4.2 cm
  • Weight: 33.05 gm
  • Stone: Kundan
  • Metal: Brass
  • Available in 3 more Color: Red, Green, Mint

9. Antique Flower Earring

Antique Flower Ethnic Earring

This Earring Has A Very Unique & Attractive Eye-Catching Look. its One-Piece Has a Vertical strip Attached with Pearl engraved Bell and another Piece has Loop Design attached with a bell. if You Like Something Antique You must Have this in Your Collection.

  • Brand: PEORA
  • Height: 9.5 cm
  • Width: 3 cm
  • Weight: 56.57 gm
  • Metal: Copper-Brass Alloy
  • Collection: Traditional Imation
  • Available in 3 More color: Grey, Mint, Red-Pink

10. Cream Drop Earrings

Cream Drop Ethnic Earrings

This Adorable Earring is a Graceful and flawless Piece to Highlight your Dress and Give them a Traditional Touch. The Crown Like shape is Attached to a bell-shaped Design with Pearls and the Piece is Decorated with Fine Quality Stones to Give it a Rich Look.

  • Brand: PEORA
  • Height: 7 cm
  • Width: 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 46.54 gm
  • Metal: Brass
  • Stone: Kundan


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